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Landscape Authority is dedicated to responsibly preserving and enhancing your landscape. We design and install unique landscapes and solve site problems by combining creativity with common sense. Our efficient and effective approach to garden, lawn and landscape management adds to your long term property value. Our goal is to provide our clients with superior service, and in the process, protect and grow your landscape investment.

Design & Build

Complete Landscapes

We Design and Install one-of-akind landscapes and gardens everyday. We are certified landscape professionals using cutting-edge products and installation techniques.

Landscape Rejuvenation

We work through your landscape to remove unsightly plants and identify viable plant material.

Pond Gardens and Fountains

Our water features are weather-proof and mosquito free. Ask about our rain collection systems.


We can install structures including: walkways and walls, driveways and patios, kitchens and fire pits, all with multiyear warranties. New - Heated walkways and patios so you never have to shovel again.


Landscape Authority has experience with both residential and commercial irrigation solutions.

Landscape Management

Residential Landscape Management

Our management services include: Four season contracts,clean-ups, expert pruning, mowing, formal garden care, complete plant fertilization, snow and ice management. All of our services are provided with a level of care we take pride in.

Commercial Landscape Management

We provide quality and efficiency to meet your budget, while delivering complete and professional services with no hassles,and utilizing low maintenance techniques and designs. We can add perennial and annual color for “Curb Appeal”.

Integrated Pest Management

Stop Deer, Insects, and other pests from destroying your beautiful landscape with our pest management solutions.

Snow Removal

Snow and Ice Management

We provide both commercial and residential snow and ice management for your: driveways, parking lots, and walkways. We also apply de-Icing solutions to keep your surfaces ice free all winter long.

Storm Recovery

Landscape Authority customers get Instant attention on fallen trees and extreme snow.

Why Choose Landscape Authority?

We provide superior service.

Our dedication to your landscape.

Environmental responsibility is always considered. a start-up with great plant signs

Mon, 03/18/2013 - 04:46 -- Product Reviews

Forget using pop-cicle sticks and a marker to label your plants!, an up and coming online store is selling a unique product that Landscape-Authority is taking advantage of.  On the site, you can buy custom signs for everything and anything you might be growing in your garden.  We have held these signs in our hands.  They will last for many years!

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